In contravention to usual blogging ettiquette, Ms Gabaldon has removed all traces of her inflammatory blog post and its hundreds of comments. So the links in my article below will take you to a “page not found” page.

Having read some of the comments I can understand why she might have decided to remove it from her own site, but she should have written a post explaining her reasons for doing so. (I imagine the ‘rape’ controversy was one key one.) Still, you can find plenty of fanwank sites that have transcripts – that’s another thing about the 21st Century, Ms Gabaldon, you can never really delete anything on the internet!

One thing it has done, is bring the topic of Fan Fiction to a greater audience. I wonder if all Ms Gabaldon has done in starting this controversy, is actually give fan fiction writers in her universe even more readers??

There have been some great blog posts and articles in fan fic writers’ defense too. This article by Chris Meadows is great and includes some links to comments about fan fic from other published authors. I found this Live Journal article by Bookshop to be illuminating, even if I do think it takes the definition of fan fiction a little too far in some of its examples.