I have been sadly neglecting this blog. But my writing attentions were elsewhere, outside the House fandom, for quite a while. I’ve popped back to write “Picking Up The Pieces” prompted by my own imaginings of how season 7 might have played out. David Shore, feel free to call me if you need ideas.

In the meantime, because I don’t have much else to say, I’m just going to post some of the songs that have been on my playlist while I’ve been writing. This is of very little interest to anyone but me, so feel free to ignore this post. But please do continue to leave me reviews on the story and I’ll continue to post! 🙂

Sia – Breathe Me (not the real video, which won’t allow embedding, but it does include lyrics)

Such an angsty song and with lyrics so appropriate for House at this point in his journey. (Weirdly, the video appears to include a lot of images of Fiona Apple – no idea why!)

Regina Spektor – Real Love

A hopeful song — despite their problems, I think both House and Sarah have secretly optimistic thoughts about how things might turn out.

I’ll add more as they occur to me.