Gertrude2034 is the pseudonym of a fan fiction writer who writes primarily in the House MD universe. She is an aspiring author and started this blog to improve her own writing and – hopefully – to provide some useful information to other people who want to write good fan fiction.

Gertrude (as she is known informally) is mild mannered and relatively modest, for an author. She has no desire to enter into ship wars or spark debate about who writes good/bad stories, just to explore how any author who wants to have a go at writing fan fiction might be able to make their craft a little better.

As our great-great-great grandmother Gertrude Stein once said, “a rose is a rose is a rose is a rose”. No, we’re not exactly sure what she meant either. But in that spirit, writing is writing is writing is writing is writing. But like any kind of genre, fan fiction has its own specific idiosyncrasies and challenges. And, let’s face it, unlike many authors, fan fic writers are published, in that there are people out there – other than their immediate family – who are reading their work. That’s pretty special.

Gertrude hopes that this blog will be useful to those people who want to know more about this aspect of writing and who, like her, appreciate the many fantastic writers out there who bring her joy each and every day by sharing their talent with the world.