Why did you decide to blog?

Why not? Everyone else is. No, really, there have just been a number of occasions recently when I wanted to talk about my fan fiction writing and because I post primarily on http://www.fanfiction.net, there’s not really an opportunity. It’s also not easy to interact with some of my lovely readers, apart from replies to reviews. So, because I can’t seem to get enough of myself, I decided I needed a blog too.

Is this blog going to be about House MD?

No. But seeing as I only write Fan Fiction about House MD, it’s inevitable that it will come up in discussion. I might also decide to write the occasional thought about the show, but I’m not planning to set up a review site or links site or anything like that. There are already plenty of those out there.

So why the blog, really? Come on, you can tell us.

Well, in my other life, where I’m not called Gertrude, I’m actually trying to get my writing published. And in that world, there are a huge number of blogs and websites talking about the various elements of the writing and publishing process. It seems to me that there aren’t many sites out there that talk about the process of fan fiction writing, even though there are a huge number of people writing and reading it.

What’s your goal for the blog?

Goal? Do I have to have one? Oh, okay then. Well, basically, I just want to be like “Smart Bitches” but for Fan Fiction. Primarily of House. Because that’s what I like.

Are these questions really frequently asked?


Is your name really Gertrude? And if not, why did you chose it?

No. It’s not. And I chose it because I’m a literature wanker, who often uses her bookshelf to get names for characters. When I was signing up for my Fan Fiction account, I turned around and stared at my shelves for inspiration. Gertrude Stein stuck out at me for some reason. And I thought it would be a hilarious, albeit undergraduate, joke to name myself after a lesbian post-modernist poet/author. So sue me.

What does the number 2034 mean?

I don’t know, maybe the year I’m finally going to get my publishing contract? *laughs uncertainly* That’s not funny. Actually, it means nothing. Really.

What’s all this FF/OC/Slash/OOC nonsense?

Okay, this, I think, is probably the only legitimate FAQ on here. After writing a couple of posts and reading a couple of comments, I realised that there is quite a bit of shorthand that goes on in the fan fic writing world. Here’s a short glossary — let me know if there’s anything I need to add:

OC – “Original Character”: literally a character that the author has created themselves and inserted into the particular fandom they are writing about. Thus you get House/OC, which generally means a romantic pairing of House with an original character of the author’s devising.

OFC/OMC – Original Female Character, Original Male Character.

Fic – A story, a fiction.

Fan Fic or FF – could be a generic reference to fan fiction, or a reference to the site www.fanfiction.net.

OOC – Out of Character, it means a known character from a fandom is not playing to their usual type. Sometimes it can be a criticism, sometimes it can be done deliberately.

Canon – Taken from religious terminology, “canon” refers to anything that genuinely happens within the fandom the author is writing about. If you follow canon as a writer, it means you stick closely to the characters and storylines established in your fandom. (Read more on this here.)

‘Verse – Shorthand for Universe, again meaning the canon of the fandom. You could say that a particular story starts within a particular ‘verse, but then turns AU (see next definition).

AU – Alternative Universe – means that a story veers significantly from canon. For example, a House fiction that involves aliens.